The what ?

*   *

This blog is dedicated to all the inventors who, through the ages, developed technologies to extract the best from this small seed called «coffee».

*  *

Sometimes, Coffea_Arabicaobjects coming from the past can make you live forgotten moments.
Sometimes, they take you w
ith them to travel through the ages and discover their own story.

That’s what happen to me with an espresso machine that a friend found in samll part of France. Trying to find its mysterious origin without many clues, that’s all the life in Paris in the 30’s that appeared beneath the dust.  Crawling into tons of digital archives and founding either treasures or huge mistakes, it gives me the idea to go even further: trace back the origins of the espresso machines and write this (his)story up to the form they have today.

*  *

And at the beginning was… the Debelloy.

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